Thinkedge se455v3 p/n emb-l-se455v3

Edge-optimized processing for AI, Telco, and workload consolidation

Highly efficient computing with Edge optimized AMD EPYCTM ™ 8004 Series Processor, delivering the most performance per Watt of any Edge Server on the Market

Flexible modular platform design allows for an optimized approach to processing, GPU, Storage or I/O to meet the solution’s needs.

Enhanced physical security with physical tamper protection allowing automatic system lockdown, plus the latest TPM technology and full data protection with self-encrypted storage.

Acoustic Operating Modes ensure that noise levels stay low, even when the workload is high

Ruggedized for harsh environments including air filtration with airflow sensor, extended temperature range of up to 55°C for selected configurations and high shock and vibration tolerance.

-48V DC power available for Telco environments including designed for NEBS specification